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CANNEFF® SUP – Rectal Suppositories (10 pcs)

82.00 BGN
Dosage form:
1 suppository per day
Active ingredient:
Cannabidol 100 mg; Sodium hyaluronate 6.6 mg
internal and external hemorrhoids • proctitis • cryptitis • anal fissures • fissures • anal fistulas
Rectal Suppositoriesis


CANNEFF® SUP – Rectal Suppositoriesis  for faster healing and tissue regeneration in the rectum and anal canal. The suppositories contain the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) and cannabidiol in an emulsion matrix, which ensures the maximum effect of the two active substances.

Faster healing and regeneration of tissues.

The suppositories contain hyaluronic acid sodium salt and cannabidiol in the emulsion matrix that ensures the maximum effect of both active substances.

Where the suppositories help

An adjuvant treatment of internal and external hemmorhoids (relief from pain, itch, and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids)
Support of the healing process of minor or deeper fissures and ulcers in the rectal area, anal fistulae, and after colorectal surgery
Relief from symptoms of nonspecific inflammation of the intestines

CANNEFF SUP suppositories are used as adjuvant treatment in the process of healing the anal canal conditions after colorectal surgery; internal and external hemorrhoids; proctitis; cryptitis; anal rhagades; fissures; anal fistulae.

Dosage and length of use

Take one suppository per day, preferably in the evening or per recommendation by your medical provider. Length of use depends on the development of the treated condition and should not exceed 30 days.

As an adjuvant treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids: 1 suppository per day before bedtime for 5 – 15 days until the condition disappears
To support healing of the fissures and fistulae in the rectal area; after colorectal surgery: 1 suppository per day before bedtime for 20 – 30 days.
For relief from nonspecific inflammations such as proctitis, cryptitis, etc.: 1 suppository per day before bedtime for 25 – 30 days.

Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, cannabidiol, glycerol monostearate, solid fat, purified water.

Instructions for use

Separate one suppository from the strip where the strip is perforated. Tear the packaging by pulling it gently apart and remove the suppository. Insert the suppository deep into the rectum narrow end first.


Keep away from children. Do not take the suppositories by mouth. Do not use after the expiration date or in case the packaging is opened or damaged.